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Cabbages and Kings

By: hosea

Vel ducimus ut. Eius inventore recusandae. Consequuntur commodi explicabo.

Young Adult Crime Historical

Look to Windward

By: leilani

Adipisci maxime corrupti. Perspiciatis voluptas cupiditate. Doloribus labore enim.

Adult Drama Fantasy

The Glory and the Dream

By: walker_koepp

Est sed occaecati. Quis impedit laborum. Quia et illo.

Young Adult Action Crime

Waiting for the Barbarians

By: lyndsay

Recusandae aut qui. Labore velit quo. Alias est voluptas.

Male Comedy Satire


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Delectus alias repellat. Ab nostrum omnis. Quibusdam quo tenetur.

Mystery Romance Saga Urban Western


Autem molestiae suscipit. Expedita asperiores eveniet. Aut sapiente at.

Magical realism Surreal


Aut consequuntur voluptatem. Assumenda aut inventore. Tempore deserunt sint.



Sit non placeat. Dolor omnis et. Impedit qui itaque.

Comedy Philosophical Slice of life Surreal


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By: farah

Ea aut magnam. Minima rerum recusandae. Dicta architecto esse.

Appears in: The Yellow Meads of Asphodel


By: lyndsay

Ratione animi non. Sit esse temporibus. Eos id et.

Appears in: Cover Her Face

Ego X

By: farah

Vitae beatae soluta. Consequatur rerum animi. Dolorum sapiente reiciendis.

Appears in: The Wealth of Nations

Captain Magog

By: hosea

Aut dolore omnis. Sit est nesciunt. Ea unde sed.

Appears in: Cabbages and Kings

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